Our restaurants

CAGLIARI · Corso Vitt. Emanuele II, 210
Fast paced, hand to hand encounters, one hour after the other we’d like to think that there exists a place, in the heart of Cagliari, that is capable of giving excellent service and nurturing delicious food for the heart and soul. An environment that does not invade but welcomes, a wooden table waiting for the right company, all the goodness of nature at your fork.

PORTO ROTONDO · Piazza Casbah, 1
If you are lose into the amazing context of Porto Rotondo, we’ll be happy to make your days more good: starting with a delicious organic breakfast, going on with a rich buffet and finishing with a special dinner under a starry sky.

Relax and enjoy the small pleasure of life, we’ll do the rest! And if you are with a four-legged friend, he/she is welcome too!

What will you taste


Finally a place where you can leave the chaos of the city. Only good thoughts from Gintilla!Silvia
I love Gintilla, his name is so cute!Giorgia
Gintilla is an explosion of colors, nature could not have a better broker!Carol
I want to come back soon, it was a really tasty experience!Elisabetta